1. Application range of Gantry Crane (Ship building)

The gantry crane for ship-building is box-girder structure welded by steel plate and lifting height is 50m. It consists of a main trolley and two auxiliary trolleys which can make the objects overturning come true in the lifting process. Also a 5 Ton lifting appliance special for maintenance is equipped. This gantry crane for ship-building can be used in manufacturing 50,000 tonnages ships.

2. Main features and advantages of Gantry Crane (Ship building)

Box girder, high strength.
Both girder ends with cantilever, spacious working place.
High work level, high speed and high efficiency.

3. Main technical parameters of Gantry Crane (Ship building)

Product ModelMUhz(60t×2+20t)MUhz(300t×2+400t)
Lifting capacity(m)120  (≥11)600  (≥11)
Overturn capacity(t)120600
Lifting height above rail(m)5080
Lifting height below rail(m)612
Carne moving speed with full load(m/min)0-300-35
Carne moving speed without load(m/min)0-450-45
Working levelA5A3
Upper trolley lifting capacity(t)2×602×300
Upper trolley lifting speed(m/min)0-50-3
Upper trolley moving speed with full load(m/min)0-300-30
Upper trolley moving speed without load(m/jmin)0-450-45
Down trolley lifting capacity (t)120/204000/20
Down trolley main hook lifting speed(m/min)0-50-3
Down trolley auxiliary hook lifting speed(m/min)0-200-20
Down trolley moving speed with full load(m/min)0-300-30
Down trolley moving speed without load(m/min)0-450-45
Wheel press(kn)340938
Power supplyAC 10KV  50HZAC 10KV  50HZ