Honeycomb type lanching girder is specially designed and produced by ZZHZ to meet the demands of customers and markets.

It would be helpful for customers to learn some common points on launching girder before using it. Let us take 50-160 launching girder as one example:

1.       design standard: China standards (or design parameters to suit foreign standards)

2.       applicable working condition with wind: <= 6 grade

3.       anchor must be done as the wind speed: >=20m/s

4.       rated design loads of launching girder: weight of the precast girder (160t)

5.       test static loads: 1.25 x 160t

6.       test dynamic loads: 1.1 x 160t

7.       power generating motor: not included

8.       power supply cable size and length depends on worksite conditions

9.       frequency converter added for soft, slow start and stop


10.   safety monitoring system is added to send alarming signal in danger