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Private Policy Statement

Private Policy Statement:
By using online customer service, cookie and other means, our website collects the visitor’s personal information including IP、browser、language, meanwhile the anonymous statistics、the visited web pages、the time-on-site、the browsing experience. Why we collect the information is intended to better provide the customers with the product information、analysis the customers’ interest and hobbies from different areas which is helpful for us to provide the personalized service to customers.
We are not an e-commerce website, on which the online payment is unacceptable. Also we do not collect the bank card information, and it won’t cause the property loss to visitors. We provide the online interactive communication on our website which is respect for the privacy of the customers and visitors. Regarding the visitors’ consultations online and by e-mail, all the information content will not be provided to the third party. Meanwhile the collected personal information such as name、company name、mailbox、telephone and other information will not be sold and shared to third party.
We adopt the advanced “SSL” encryption technique to prevent the unauthorized personnel to get your personal information. The hacker technology will not be applied to control your computer. We are committed to providing a website which is safe and reliable, trusted by the customers.

Legal Notice:
The content copyright on the website belongs to our company which is just used for the individual and the internet search engine. Except marketing our products, it is prohibited to modify and copy the pictures, videos and other information on our websites for commercial purposes without our permission.
We welcome B2B website to promote our products, however please remain our company name and contact information correctly. The trademarks and logos displayed on our website are owned by our company. Without our prior written approval, the third party can not communicate with the customer in the name of our company.
Please ask the customer to make a fully understanding on the local laws and regulations while using the products we supplied. Please implement the local law if it needs the approval from the local government departments.
The disputes over the websites apply to the laws of People’s Republic of China.