1. Application range of MEL900t Tyred Gantry Crane

MEL900t Tyred Gantry Crane is used in the high-speed railway, passenger dedicated lines and the two-lane single-box single-chamber and dual-chamber of 20m, 24m and 32m of the intercity rail. It can also be used in the operation of lifting, transferring and loading beams for the girder transport in the precast yard.
1.The three kinds of precast concrete box girder of 20m, 24m and 32m are lifted from the production pedestal on the prefabricated template and transported to the beam storage pedestal;
2.The precast concrete box girder is lifted from the beam storage pedestal and placed in the channel of girder transport to be loaded on the girder transport in accordance with the requirements after the girder transport goes longitudinally into the girder crane;
3.It is able to work across the pier (headroom ≥21M). That is, it can lift the bridge building crane assembled and the precast concrete box girders to the bridge deck and load them on the girder transport as required. Also, it can lift the whole girder transport to the girder transport on the bridge deck. The girder crane is designed to be match with the lifting point of the bridge building crane; or the corresponding integral lifting AIDS should be provided. The MEL900t Tyred Gantry Crane has the functions of the tyred gantry crane and the cross line gantry crane.

2. Main features and advantages of MEL900t Tyred Gantry Crane

1.The MEL900t Tyred Gantry Crane employs the door type legs, the width of which meets the requirements of the 7.25-meter-wide girder transport longitudinally driving in and out with the precast box girder of 20m, 24m and 32m.
2.Other methods of loading the box girder is not allowed and the MEL900t Tyred Gantry Crane can lift the bridge building crane and girder transport assembled as well as the precast concrete box girders to the bridge deck of 7-meter-high pier.
3.The space of the longitudinal hanging point meet the needs of lifting and loading box girder of 20m,24m and 32m.
4.The vertical shift amount of fine-tuning of the lifting beam trolley with full load and the function of horizontal shift is about 500mm.
5.It can ensure that the box girder will not fall with the lifting winch equipped with dual braking system and other lifting parts with reliable design.
6.It can achieve the 90-degree turn at full load and the number of the machine of pivot steering assisting the cylinder is 32.
7.The running gear uses the hydraulic suspension system, both to meet the requirements of the three-point support of the whole machine, but also to achieve a uniform distribution of loads.

3. Main technical parameters of MEL900t Tyred Gantry Crane

Product Model MEL900t
Dynamic load hoisting impact coefficient 1.05
Lifting coefficients of static load testing 1.1
Move of the whole machine  
Moving tires Brand TECHKING
Model 26.5R25
Transverse steering small angle with the machine transverse moving at full load ±5 degree
±5 degree
Error amount per 100 meters of the moving system 0.3m
Maximum moving slope 2%
Lifting height and span  
Lifting height 21m
Column center distance(span) 43.3m
Net width within the span 41.6m
Moving speed  
Moving speed(on the level concrete road) Heavy load m/min(changeable) 0~17
No load m/min(changeable) 0~30
Power of the engine 440kW×2
Model of the engine DEUTZ  BF8M1015CP
Size and weight  
Out dimension: length * width * height 46420×24400×27000
Self weight 690t
Transport size of the maximum part:length * width * height 15200×1800×3100
Weight of the maximum part 30t
Technical specification of each mechanism and system  
Electrical system Control methods of girder lifting trolley Manual / automatic / remote control
Control methods of lifting system Manual / automatic / remote control
Requirements of power input 50Hz
Main beam Structure Box type
Main beam Center distance between main beams 7m
Maximum deflection with main beam bearing stress 53mm
Self wight 160t
Weight of the maximum single part 30t
Whole size(length * width * height): 45000×8300×3100
Maximum size of single part(length * width * height): 15200×1800×3100
Main beam material Q345C
Connecting bolt material 35VB and 20MnTiB
35VB and 20MnTiB
Girder lifting trolley  
Number of girder lifting trolley 2
Maximum distance with the machine transverse moving at full load
Maximum distance with the machine longitudinal moving at full load
Moving methods of the girder lifting trolley Cylinder pushing to slip
Lifting appliance Structure Box type
Boom material 40CrNiMoA

4. type test report of MEL900t Tyred Gantry Crane

MEL900t Tyred Gantry Crane has been tested by China legal quality test department, and it is qualified.