1. Application range of Rail mounted Container Gantry Crane

The gantry crane is welded by steel plate for facilitate placing and stacking the containers, the cantilevers was respectively added on both sides of the main girder. The moving speed of this kind of container crane is high. According to different voltage demands, we can make the adjustments for customers.

2. Main features and advantages of Rail mounted Container Gantry Crane

In China, the largest tonnage of gantry crane for super highway and high-speed railway construction projects is designed, manufactured and assembled by our company which is used in the Qingdao Crossing Sea Bridge (China Communications Construction Co., Ltd  Fourth Harbor Engineering Co., Ltd)
The gantry of 1200t gantry crane is double box-girder structure, twin rigid supporting legs which can meet the demands of high strength, stiffness and steadiness of large tonnage gantry crane.
Double hoisting trolleys to operation synchronized. We will equip with 2 sets of hoisting trolleys for every gantry crane and connect them with the pull rod. Adjust the transverse distance between two trolleys by changing the length of the pull rod.
The crane traveling mechanism is double tracking and tri-layer balance which can apply to the changes of vertical and horizontal gradient, and with the characteristics of balancing the wheel pressure. The traveling mode is rail-mounted and the total moving mechanism can accomplish the direction change “90º”.
The trolleys of two gantry cranes can meet the requirements of four-point hoisting and three-point balance to guarantee to place the girder accurately and avoid damages of concrete girder in the process of hoisting.
Every set of gantry crane is equipped with the internal-combustion generating set to supply power, therefore it also can be applied in the power shortage circumstances.
The electrical system adopts the advanced control technology with the PLC at the core, with the characteristics of frequency conversion, touch screen display operation, remote control, all kinds of safety protection and faults detection. The system takes wireless LAN communication module to attain the synchronous hoisting operation of two gantry cranes.
The A.C. variable frequency motor drives the hoisting mechanism, crane traveling mechanism and trolley traveling mechanism. With the electrical system, we can realize the infinitely variable speed, soft starting, soft stopping and avoid the collision.

3. Main technical parameters of Rail mounted Container Gantry Crane

Product ModelMGJZ40MGJZX40
Rated Lifting Weight(t)40(Under Hoisting Device)40(Under Hoisting Device)
Rail Torque(m)3535
Effective cantilever(m)8.7(Both Sides)8.7(Both Sides)
Lifting Height(m)16.512.5
Crane Working LevelM7M7
Max lifting Velocity(m/min)1515
Gantry Traveling Velocity(m/min)Full Load≥35Full Load≥40
Trolley Traveling Velocity(m/min)Full Load≥55Full Load≥50
Slewed Trolley Velocity(round per minute)no1.5~2
Max Wheel Pressure(In the Worst Working Condition )(t)≤20≤25
Anti-shaking DeviceFlexible Anti-shakingFlexible Anti-shaking
Hoisting Device20ft 、 40ft Fixed Lead Board Liquid-press Flexibility20ft 、 40ft Fixed Lead Board Liquid-press Flexibility
Power Supply3-Phase 4Line Lead Power Supply:   380v   50Hz3-Phase 4Line Lead Power Supply:   380v   50Hz
Environment Temperature-10℃ —+ 45℃-10℃ —+ 45℃
Max Relative Humidity90%90%