1. Application range of gantry crane (Truss girder)

The gantry crane is welded by steel plate for facilitate placing and stacking the containers, the cantilevers was respectively added on both sides of the main girder. The moving speed of this kind of container crane is high. According to different voltage demands, we can make the adjustments for customers.
underground project of passing through the Yellow river---the middle of water carrier project from Danjiang Kou, China to Beijing, China.

2. Main features and advantages of gantry crane (Truss girder)

steel structure part of the gantry crane is welded by U-steel with light weight, low cost and convenient assembly and disassembly.
Fast lifting speed and high wind resistance
Many safety devices such as overload limiter, over-height limiter and overspeed switch are added to ensure products’ safe operation.
We can design gantry cranes with different specifications to meet different customers’ requirements.

3. Main technical parameters of gantry crane (Truss girder)

Product ModelMGh35MGh120
Lifting capacity(t) 35120
Span(m) 2335
Net height(m) Above ground 1016.5
Net height(m) Below ground level 4013.5
Cantilever length(m) 3no
Crane travelling speed(m/min) 20 0-15
Trolley moving speed(m/min) 200-8
Trolley lifting speed(m/min) 102.5
Power(kw) 112110