1. Application range of Gantry Crane (Double girder)

ME(450+450)t gantry crane for lifting girders is used to lift, carry and load 24m, 32m double track whole span box girder in precast yard for 200-350km/h railway passenger special line.

2. Main features and advantages of Gantry Crane (Double girder)

Two lifting trolleys are installed on one gantry crane, lift girders at a fixed point, single gantry crane finishes carrying girder. Two lifting trolleys can completely meet the demand of “four-point lifting and three-point balance” , as dropping girders it can have an accurate positioning to avoid girder body distortion in the lifting process.
Door frame structure is supported by double girder and double rigid support leg. Rail type travelling mechanism; lifting cylinder and steering cylinder are installed in the crane moving mechanism to realize 90°turning direction, thus realize economical and advanced performance of crane.
Crane moving mechanism adopts double track moving, three layers balance, which can better adapt the change of lateral and longitudinal slope, featuring balancing wheel pressure.
The whole machine has a low height, travelling mechanism is driven by AC frequency conversion motor. Controlled by electrical system, it can realize infinitely variable speed, soft start, soft stop, avoiding impact according to load.

3. Main technical parameters of Gantry Crane (Double girder)

Product ModelMEhz450+450
Lifting capacity (t)900
Span (m)41.5
height (m)12.8
Trolley lifting speed with load(m/min)0-0.5
Trolley moving speed with load(m/min)0-0.5
Trolley lifting speed without load(m/min)0-1
Trolley moving speed without load(m/min)0-1
Crane moving speed with load(m/min)0-5
Crane moving speed without load(m/min)0-10
Self weight(t)462