1. Application range of MDG Series Gantry Crane

MDG series gantry crane is newly developed by ZZHZ, specially designed for construction projects featuring small work task, large lifting weight, short power and frequent shift of worksite, the design aims at a gantry crane with simple structure, convenient assembly and disassembly, easy operation and energy conservation.

2. Main features and advantages of MDG Series Gantry Crane

1. Bolts connecting structure features reliable quality and fast assembly;  
2. Min power supply need solves the problem of power shortage in wild construction projects Main technical parameters

3. Main technical parameters of MDG Series Gantry Crane

Product ModelMDG15-24-7
Lifting capacity (t)15
Net height(m)7
Span (m)24
Crane moving speed(m/min)0-20
Trolley moving speed(m/min)0-20
Lifting speed (m/min)0-6
Total power(kw)45
Total weight(T)约49