1. Application range of LTD Tyred Gantry Crane

The RTG is suitable for lifting in the precast yard and short-distance transportation (longitudinal and horizontal). It can load concrete beams onto the carriers in the loading area of the precast yard. Take and move the beam on any pedestal which is flexible and high efficiency. No need for auxiliary machinery and excessive labor which solves the problem that the prefabricated beams are inconvenient to be lifted and transported, that is, reducing the labor intensity of workers and improving the construction quality and efficiency, meanwhile shortening the construction period, and saving the construction costs.

2. Main features and advantages of LTD Tyred Gantry Crane

1. Adopt the low-alloy structural steel with light weight and high strength.
2. Adopt the tire traveling mechanism, no need to lay track and excellent mobility performance.
3. The tires can be turned 90 degrees and work anywhere in the field.
4. Adopt the electric control mode to reduce environmental pollution.

3. Main technical parameters of LTD Tyred Gantry Crane

Product ModelLTD65LTD90
Lifting    Capacity65t90t
Lifting Speed1m/min1m/min
Crane Traveling Speed0~15m/min(Full Load)0~30m/min(No Load)0~15m/min(Full Load)0~30m/min(No Load)
Trolley    Traveling Speed0~10m/min0~10m/min
Total PowerAbout 85kWAbout 85kW
Generator Power75KW100KW