1. Application range of Launching Gantry

Launching gantry is used to install precast box girder for high speed railway. With full span installation method, the box type single girder launching gantry greatly improves the construction speed and erection precision.

2. Main features and advantages of Launching Gantry

After researching and analyzing current highway bridge construction machine at home and abroad, combining with our successful experience, we develop and produce the new Launching Gantry according to practical situation. The main features are following:
First-made honeycomb girder in China with light self weight, heavy load and strong wind resistance etc.
The launching crane conforms to the features of construction of present bridge which form is novel and structure is reasonable.
The main girder and main connecting structures adopt the mature pin connecting mechanism, it is very firm and reliable, and the assembly and disassembly are rapid and convenient.
It doesn’t need to pave the longitudinal rails. It not only can reduce the stress of bridge, but also can save the cost of construction. It has a wide adaptability for the box girder.
In order to make the bridge girder launcher can adapt the longitudinal slope and transverse slope, the machine adopts legs which can move forward by it. And the force which the bridge bears should be reasonable and safe;
Front and middle legs can be adjusted randomly and core plate with adjustable angle which can adapt the erection of curved bridge and Slope Bridge. According to angle of Slope Bridge, the user can adjust the front and middle legs when Slope Bridge is erected. Therefore, it can be used for 45°and less than 45° any angle slope bridge.
Transverse trolley is added to the lifting trolley, the whole machine traverses with boundary beam which resolve the problem of installation of boundary beam.

3. Main technical parameters of Launching Gantry

Product Model
Rated lifting capacity500t900t
Max dimension for installed girder30m×10.6m×1.8m32m、24m double lines equal span and shift span box girder
Girder lifting method4-points lifting, 3-points balancing4-points lifting, 3-points balancing
Beam launcher moving speed0-3m/min0-3m/min
Beam launching moving waywalking by itselfwalking by itself
Lifting trolley longitudinal moving speed0-3m/min(heavy load),0-6m/min( empty load)0-3m/min(heavy load),0-5m/min( empty load)
Lifting trolley lifting speed0-0.5m/min(heavy load),0-1m/min( empty    load)0-0.5m/min(heavy load),0-1m/min( empty    load)
Max lifting height of lifting trolley6m7m
Girder lateral fine adjustment distance±200mm±215mm
Girder fine adjustment speed0-1m/min0-1m/min
Min curved radius1500mRmin≥2500m
Applicable gradientlongitudinal gradient 30%, lateral    gradient 40%longitudinal gradient 20‰, lateral    gradient 4%
Control modemechanic-electric-hydraulic integration    systemmechanic-electric-hydraulic integration    system