1. Application range of Bridge Girder Launcher

   The bridge girder launcher is designed for highway and railway. According to the situation of present railway with less sub grade, more bridges and tunnels which connected too closely, our company design and manufacture the new box-girder bridge girder launcher with double girder. It is mainly used for hoisting (lifting) of concrete girder in bridge construction (bridge building) of general railway and highway.

2. Main features and advantages of Bridge Girder Launcher

According to users' demands, the new type Bridge Girder Erection Machine which integrates carrying with erecting is designed. Also we apply for national patent (The patent No. is 02228146.0)
The machine can accomplish the girder's carrying with erecting at the same time.
The machine can erect 4 pieces of girders with another two cranes one day, saving construction cycle.
Another advantage: if the concrete girder is between the two piers, just exchange the front and rear legs, it can continue to work, no extra assembly, shortening construction period.

3. Main technical parameters of Bridge Girder Launcher

Product ModelHZQ50-160HZQ40-140HZQ40-120HZQ35-120HZQ30-80
Lifting Capacity(T)16014012012080
Crane Moving Speed(m/min)
Trolley Moving Speed(m/min)
Trolley lifting Speed(m/min)
girder-carrying speed of rear part(m/min)0-90-90-90-90-9
Skew Bridge Angle(°)4545454545
Applicable curve radius(m)R350R300R300R300R300