Please follow below steps to install adjustable gantry crane:

1. put joist steel horizontally on the ground, matched flange plate is put to be an angle 80°with the ground;

2. respectively connect support frame A and support frame B with flange plates at two sides, fix them with screws and add spring cushion ;

3. install 4 omni-dimensional wheels on the bottom part of gantry, and tighten screws;

4. if power supply is from C type steel, install C type steel on the main girder, then install cable support device and fix cables; if power supply is from steel wire rope pulley, fix round head of wire grip on one side of wire draw plate, then wear pulley on the steel wire rope, its one end is installed on wire grip hook, the other end is fixed on another side of wire draw plate, finally tighten wire grip. (Note: this item is just for gantry crane with electric hoist, please neglect the item if the crane is equipped with chain hoist or other items)

5. lift the gantry crane with crane to stand up steadily and firmly (note: please ensure the professional operator to operate the crane for the sake of safety)

6. install electric chain hoist on the main girder (please see the specification on how to install the electric chain hoist)