1. The gantry crane should be installed according to the design drawings. Each section erected should be paved with foot boards and installed with escalators. After assembling to the current height, pull the cable and assemble the temporary connecting beam.

2. After the assembly of the gantry crane is completed, the sidewalk on the beam should be installed, and the foot board should be covered with the handrail. Step ladders should be set up on the upper and lower gantry frame, and the frame gap should be fenced. Wheel stoppers shall be provided at both ends of the rail in the crane walkway. Lightning protection and fire protection facilities should be installed on the top of the gantry frame. The walkway of hoisting machinery safety monitoring and management system shall meet the design requirements and shall not have longitudinal slope. Only after being checked and approved by the technical responsible person, can it be used.

3. The bundling beam shall be handled according to the following provisions: the position of the bundling beam shall be within the design permissible range at both ends of the beam. The broken wire quantity of a thousand catties rope in any section shall not exceed 5% of the total root number of this section. The thousand catties rope should be firmly hung in the chute at the lifting point of the gantry crane to prevent the phenomenon of pulling out or mutual pressure when being stressed. Iron tile or rubber pad must be placed at the corner contact between the thousand jins rope and the bottom surface of the beam. Operators on the beam shall not drop tools.

4. When lifting the beam of the gantry crane, it should be lifted by 10-20cm first. After being checked and confirmed, it can be continued to be lifted.

5. When the gantry crane is moving, the two vertical frames should move synchronously. When stop using, the cable wind rope should be pulled and the wheel stop should be put in place.

6. When the beam falls near the pier top, it should be slow and stable. When the beam piece falls, it should first fall the fixed end, after falling the active end, when both ends of the support has been supported, Fang Kesongjun.

7. When the gantry crane is dismantled, there should be dismantling process and technical safety measures. Before demolition, the bottom of the gantry hanger should be padded, the cable wind rope should be pulled at the top of the gantry frame, the temporary connecting beam should be assembled, and the power supply should be cut off.

8, removed rod, bolts, wood, etc., must be bundled, or bag with tools to hang down, and then stack neatly in time.