Before work
1. Check the brake, hook, wire rope and safety device and other parts according to the requirements of the point inspection card. If any abnormal phenomenon is found, it should be eliminated first.
2, the operator must confirm that no one on the walk or track, can close the main power supply. When a lock or notice board is attached to the power circuit breaker, the main power supply can be closed only after it is removed by the original person concerned.
In the work
1. When lifting heavy objects for the first time in each shift (or when the load reaches the maximum weight), the heavy objects should be lowered again after lifting from the ground to a height of 0.5 meters, check the brake performance and confirm the reliability, and then carry out normal operation.
2. In the operation, the operator should ring the bell for the following operations according to the provisions.
(1) lifting and landing heavy objects; When moving large and small cars. Gantry crane
(2) the crane driving in the line of sight is not clear, to continuous ringing alarm;
(3) when the crane is close to another crane within the span.
④ when lifting heavy objects close to personnel.
3. The operation should be carried out according to the unified command signal.
4. When the power is suddenly cut off in the work, all the controller handles should be placed in the "zero" position, and the crane action should be checked before working again.
5. In the normal operation of large and small cranes, it is forbidden to open the reverse brake and stop; When changing the direction of movement of large and small car, the handle must be placed in the "zero" position, so that the mechanism completely stops running, before starting the reverse.
6, there are two hooks of the crane, in the main and secondary hook for time and two hook height is similar, the main and secondary hook must work separately, so as to avoid the collision of the two hooks.
7, two hooks of the crane is not allowed to lift two objects at the same time; Adjust the lifting mechanism brake when it is not working.
8. Do not use the limit position limiter to stop the car, and do not adjust the brake of the lifting mechanism under the condition of load.
9, strictly implement the "ten not hanging" system:
(1) the command signal is unknown or disorderly command does not hang;
② No lifting when the rated lifting weight is exceeded;
(3) the use of the lifting tool is not reasonable or the objects are not tied firmly and not hung;
(4) there are people or other floating objects on the hanging objects are not hanging;
⑤ holding brake or other brake safety device failure does not hang;
(6) crane hanging heavy objects directly for processing when not hanging;
Slanting slanting hanging not hanging;
⑧ have explosive objects do not hang;
⑨ Objects buried underground do not pull up;
Attenderly with edges and corners block mouth objects, not mat good not hanging;
10. If any abnormality is found, stop the machine immediately, check the reason and eliminate it in time.
After the work
1. Raise the hook to a certain height, the cart and trolley are parked in the specified position, and the controller handle is placed in the "zero" position; Pull down the switch handle of the protective box and cut off the power supply.
2. Carry out daily maintenance.
3, do a good job of shift work.