1. Application range of Tyred Container Crane

The gantry crane is welded by steel plate for facilitate placing and stacking the containers, the cantilevers was respectively added on both sides of the main girder. The moving speed of this kind of container crane is high. According to different voltage demands, we can make the adjustments for customers.

2. Main features and advantages of Tyred Container Crane

The gantry crane with box type girder is welded by steel plate , and it feature is high stiffness.
With a quite fast lifting speed to lift containers, the gantry crane is widely used to load and unload 20ft, 40ft containers with international standard
Electrical and hydraulic power-driven system adopts international famous brand.

3. Main technical parameters of Tyred Container Crane

Product ModelMGJZL30.5MGJZL40.5
Lifting Capacity (t)30.540.5
Wheel gauge(m)6.47.4
Lifting height(m)12.284、15.24、17.75、20.7512.284、15.24、17.75
Number of stacking storey 3、4、53、4、5、6
Specification of box20′,40′20′,40′
Hoisting speed with full load(m/min)37.5/7524.15/54.58
Carne moving speed with full load(m/min)11245/130
Trolley moving speed with full load(m/min)51.868.1
Number of wheels48
Max. wheel pressure(KN)389350
Power supply3-phase A.C. 380v50HZ