7. Main mechanical manufacturing technology of Gantry Crane (Ship building)

Firstly the workmanship department evaluates the drawing.
Draw up the operation instruction then make the judgment.
According to the drawing, workmanship technology, manufacturing skill and assembly ability to further perfect the dimensions of the machine and meet kinds of requirements. Also do the detection for the mechanical parts.
Prepare the clamping apparatus according to the drawing.
Strictly control the quality in the process of production. 5.6,According to kinds of standards, strengthen the management and control in every part and production process.

8. The quality control in Gantry Crane (Ship building) manufacturing process

The process documents, drawing and schemes are handed out to production department. After considering those documents carefully, the production department together with quality and check department arrange the manufacturing, control, test and acceptance.
The workers do the following works in light of the drawing:
Prepare the material according to relevant workmanship.
Doing the welding and make the record.
Manufacturing refers to the workmanship technology.
Do the record on the quality control of spare parts
Assembly and installation
Control the total geometry dimension and make the test record of key parts.

9. The drawing of Gantry Crane (Ship building)

Click to download the drawing of Gantry Crane (Ship building)