10. Tracing data and leaving factory data of Gantry Crane (Ship building)

Contract, Evaluation Documents, Drawing, Production Instructions, Installation Scheme, Material Quality Specification, Product Quality Checking Sheet, Welded Seam Detection Report, Quality Certificate of Purchased Parts.
Appearance file: Instruction, Installation scheme, Quality Certificate, Checking and Acceptance Report.

11. The installation method and steps of Gantry Crane (Ship building)

The gantry crane which belongs to the large-scale equipment, requires high safety and easy to cause heavy casualties must be installed by professional staff or guided by professional. The basic procedure is as following:
  Install the rail
  Assemble the crane structure
  Choose the lifting equipment according to the part weight
  Ground assembly
  Lifting the support legs
  Assemble the main girder in the ground
  Lifting the main girder
  Install the end crossbeam
  Lifting the trolley mechanism
  Assembly the other parts
  Carry the preliminary test

12. Checking methods after installation of Gantry Crane (Ship building)

After assembly, the geometry dimension, perpendicularity, levelness and deflection must be checked in the following ways:
The wheels span deviation: S<10mm
The main girder deflection: AF=(0.9/1000~1.4/1000)
The diagonal difference of main girder:(D1-D2)≤5mm
The side curvature of main girder: AFP≤S/1200
The trolleys’ gauge difference: Both sides: ±2mm Midpoint: S≤19.5mm
Adjust the wheels (Parallelism, perpendicularity, apposition)