14. The disassembly and site-transferring steps of Girder Transporter

As the transporter is transferred to another site, it usually carry the bridge girder launcher to another site or pass tunnels, transferring sites steps is similar with that of the bridge girder launcher. Disassembling steps are converse to assembly steps:
Lift suspension oil cylinder, put buttress under the main girder, take bake the cylinder, ensure the tire won’t bear force
Empty the hydraulic oil in hydraulic oil tank (oil level should be under oil outlet)
Empty hydraulic oil in hydraulic pipeline
Close all hydraulic valves
Dismantle wheels sets one by one
Begin to remove main girder bolts and connection plates section by section;
Remove hydraulic pipeline flanges at main girder connection parts section by section
Dismantle front support leg, rear support leg, engine room and driver’s room;
Remove girder trailer
Dismantle the main girder one by one
Prepare to deliver the goods

15. type test report of Girder Transporter

Girder Transporter has been tested by China legal quality test department, and it is qualified.

click to download Product Quality Test Report of Girder Transporter