9. Tracing data and leaving factory data of Girder Transporter

The tracing data of product is made up of contract, review file, drawing , calculation book of design, specification, installation project, raw material quality certificate, product quality inspection record, welding inspection report and purchased certificate.
leaving factory data is made up specification, installation project, certificate and receiving report etc.

10. The installation method and steps of Girder Transporter

In order to assemble all parts of the girder transporter, assembly should be based on following procedures, learn circuit and hydraulic system knowledge before assembly.
Unload all spear parts on the vehicle and in the container, do merge sort on them. Set up wood or steel support parts under mechanical components to avoid damaging the paint surface;
Check all transportation documents
Main girder is put on stable strut member in accordance with design specified height;
Connect main girder segments;
Assemble wheels, then install all wheels sets on the main girder;
Assemble motive power parts at the rear part of the vehicle;
Assemble driver’s rooms respectively at front and rear part of the vehicle;
Check all connecting bolts with torque wrench, based on various moment in the appendix.
Assemble hydraulic pipeline. Tighten all joints to avoid leakage;
Refer to the wiring number in the wiring diagram, use guide line to connect all control panels and set up pull box on the vehicle;
Clean oil filter. This operation is necessary as well as cleaning impurity in the pipe, because the impurity will destroy hydraulic pump and hydraulic motor;
Function debugging makes the order from the driver’s room can be executed correctly;
Do load test according to specified load from the procedures  

11. Checking methods after installation of Girder Transporter

It demands an inspection on physical dimension, verticality, levelness, deflection and other aspects:
wheel span deviation: L<5mm
upper surround of assembly main girder: AF=(0.9/1000~1.4/1000)S
main girder diagonal deviation: (D1-D2)≤5mm
main girder side deflection: AFP≤S/2000
trolley span difference: at end span: ±2mm, at middle span K≤7mm; height difference at trolley rail joint should be not more than 1mm; lateral displacement not more than 1mm
high strength bolts should be connected in accordance with Steel Structure High Strength Bolts Connection Design, Inspection and Acceptance Procedures