12. Operating requirements and attention of Girder Transporter

It is forbidden to use the equipment in bad weather such as heavy wind, rain and fog, snow and other conditions;
The equipment is not allowed to work as the wind force is over 7 grade, if the wind force is over 11 grade, take measures to ensure the stability of the equipment;
Construction in night should be in accordance with safety regulation, provide adequate lighting in work area and passageway to improve visibility and ensure construction safety;
Keep equipment moving channel smooth, straight and no obstacle;
Operators must receive professional training and possess equipment operation license.  

13. The maintenance time and item of Girder Transporter

Before using the transporter, be sure to check the vehicle as following guides:
Make a visual inspection on the vehicle overall appearance, check whether there is external damage and leakage;
Check oil level of diesel motor;
When the platform is completely landing, check hydraulic oil level in hydraulic oil tank;
Check oil level shown on the fuel display table;
Confirm whether it needs maintenance according to the numerical value on the service hours counter;
Tighten and seal all pipelines and hoses joints at fixed period in one operation cycle. Operate the hydraulic equipment at least one time every month, operate all pumps;
Check whether all welding joints have fatigue condition, crack, corrosion and so on. Check whether the paint covers fatigue crack. If the problem is found, be sure to take effective measures immediately. If the paint is destroyed by the rust, clean the rust with brush and re-paint it.