4. The design basis of Girder Transporter

The girder transporter is designed in accordance with relevant provisions in latest state norms and standards:
Transporting and construction equipment research technical conditions for Beijing-Shanghai passenger special line
 Steel structure design codes (GB 50017)
 Steel structure construction, inspection and acceptance specifications (GB 50205)
 Measuring method of Smoke filter paper for Diesel vehicle free speed up smoke (GB/T 3846)
 Motor vehicles starting performance test methods (GB/T 12535)
 Motor vehicle brake system structure, performance and test methods (GB 12676)
 Safety inspection technical requirements on motor vehicles in the factory (GB/T 16178)
 Heavy machinery general technical conditions welding parts (JB/T 5000.3)
 Engineering machinery: assembly general technical conditions (JB/T 5945)
 Engineering machinery: Welding parts general technical conditions(JB/T 5943)
 Engineering machinery: machined components general technical conditions (JB/T 5936)

5. The video of Girder Transporter