10. Tracing data and leaving factory data of Upstroke Movable Support System

The tracing data of product is made up of contract, review file, drawing , calculation book of design, specification, installation project, raw material quality certificate, product quality inspection record, welding inspection report and purchased certificate.
leaving factory data is made up specification, installation project, certificate and receiving report etc.

11. The installation method and steps of Upstroke Movable Support System

Assemble the temporary supporting frame
Install the front and rear support legs, longitudinal traveling auxiliary support legs
Assemble the main girder
Assemble the hydraulic and electrical devices
Place the whole machine in the proper position
Install the cantilever beam
Assemble and hoist the base mould
Install the side mould frame
Adjust the base mould plate
Assemble the side mould plate and poles
Adjust the side mould plate
Install wing mould plate
Assemble the special-shape mould plate and pier top bulk mould
Carry the pressure and load test

12. Checking methods after installation of Upstroke Movable Support System

Check the dimension, perpendicularity, pre-camber, deflection when the installation is done.
The overall dimension: 62.5m(L) ×20.6m(W) ×5.6m(H above the bridge)
The upper deflection of main girder: AF=(0.9/1000-1.4/1000)S
Adjust the pre-camber to approach the standard of the instructions
The main girder side curvature: AFP≤S/1200
Assemble and connect the high-strength bolt according to the standard