4. The design basis of Upstroke Movable Support System

MZ900s Upstroke Bridge Creating Machine in passenger transportation line project is designed according to the <<Purchase and Sale Agreement>>, the drawing of concrete box-girder, piers and abutment provided by customers and some national design standard in the field of machinery.
 << Crane Design Standard>> (GB/T3811)
 << Steel Structure Design Standard>> (GB50017)
 << Code for Design of Highway Bridges and Culverts>> (JTJ021)
 << The General Safety Technical Requirements for Engineering Machinery>> (JB/T6030)
 << Code for Construction and Acceptance of Electrical Appliance Installation Engineering>> (GB50256)
 << The General Technical Conditions for Hydraulic System>> (GB 3766)
 << Code for Construction and Acceptance of Steel Structure>> (GB50205)
 << Mechanical Properties of Fasteners&mdash;Bolts, Screws and Studs>> (GB 3098.1)

5. The video of Honeycomb beam Honeycomb beam Upstroke Movable Support System

6. Main design requirements of Upstroke Movable Support System

The machine can meet the needs of the 32m, 24m full-span box girder erection in the railway passenger double line project.
While the machine needs to erect the continuous girder or transferring, just to expand the side mould frame and base mould.
The machine moves with the walking hydraulic jacking system, replacing the support legs with the steel rope traction method.
The single main girder structure with a rigid and flexible support leg as the supporting.
The weight-casting capacity: about 900t
Max. anti force at working: 5805KN
Applicable curve radius: R>2000m
Applicable longitudinal slope/ transverse slope: 2%/2%
The deflection of main girder: 1/700