1. Application range of Hydraulic Rotary Drill

ZYJ-500/180 frame column type hydraulic rotary drill is a new equipment for coal mine underground drilling work in our country at present, it takes hydraulic oil as working material, featuring safe and reliable operation, good disintegration and convenient transportation. Because of large torque, feeding capacity and wide range of adjustment, the drill is suitable for drilling projects such as large diameter gas drainage in underground coal mine, exploring drainage hole, coal seam injection hole, exploring fault, exploring structure and so on. The drill can drill all coal seam nearly horizontal directional holes with 200m depth, highest efficiency 20m/h.

2. Main features and advantages of Hydraulic Rotary Drill

Structure: ZYJ-500/180 frame column type hydraulic rotary drill is mainly made up of mainframe, pump station and operation panel. Set at front end of the working face, the mainframe is used to drill water hole, gas hole, bolt hole, anchor hole and tighten the bolt nuts. As the power source of the mainframe and set at the position 20-40m away from the mainframe, the motor is set on the 380/660 explosion-proof switch, drive pump of motor provides power oil for the mainframe. Rotary motor and propelling system on the mainframe work coordinately to drill the rock by drill stem and drill bit. Mainframe and operation panel, pump station and operation panel are connected by high pressure oil inlet pipe and oil return pipe, single pipe has a length of 20m which can be extend to 40m to meet the demand of users. It is suggested to increase the flow diameter of extension part to 25mm to reduce oil return resistance.

3. Main technical parameters of Hydraulic Rotary Drill

Product ModelZYJ-500
rated pressure (MPa)18
rated torque (N·m)500
rated speed (r/min)180
rated flow (L/min)55
propulsive force (KN)10
guide rail length (mm)2000
moving speed with no load (mm/min)5000
return speed (mm/min)4500
moving distance (mm)1100
max work height of drill (mm)205025503050
min work height of drill (mm)750750750
max height of trestle type column (mm)260031003600
min height of trestle type column (mm)210026003100
wash water pressure (MPa)0.6-1.2
drill diameter (mm)65-113
drilling hole speed (mm/min)200
noise sound pressure level dB (A)92
noise sound power level dB (A)108
mainframe weight (Kg)255265275