1. Application range of Single girder Overhead Crane

overhead crane not only can lifts parts of workshop or steels in factory, but also lifts bulk cargo with professional lifting tools, such as coal and ore etc.

2. Main features and advantages of Single girder Overhead Crane

Many factories adopt single beam overhead crane in China; it is suitable for lifting and transferring of small tonnage goods.
 The main girder of overhead crane adopts box beam; it is equipped with the small tonnage hoist which meet the requirements of speed and safety .
 quick traveling speed ,and high production efficiency.

3. The design standard of Single girder Overhead Crane

The overhead crane is designed according to the newest rules and standards of crane and machinery in China.
《Crane Design Standard》(GB/T3811)
《General Bridge Crane》(GB/T14405)
《Code for Design of Steel Structures》(GB 50017)
《Code for Construction and Acceptance of Steel Structure》(GB 50205)
《The key Purpose of Steel Wire Rope》(GB 8918)
《The code of construction and acceptance for Electric equipment installation engineering》( GB50256)
《General Technical Conditions of Hydraulic System》 (GB 3766)
《Safety technical specification for construction of Railway Engineering》(TB10401.1)
《Mechanical Properties of Fasteners Bolts, Screws and Studs》(GB 3098.1)

4. Main technical parameters of Single girder Overhead Crane

Product ModelLD5LD10LD16LD20
lifting capacity (t)5101620
span (m)7.5-307.5-307.5-307.5-30
lifting height (m)6-306-306-306-30
crane moving speed(m/min)20-7520-7520-7520-75
electric hoist lifting speed(m/min)873.53.3
electric hoist moving speed(m/min)20201814
working classA3A3A3-A5A3-A5