4. The design basis of HZP1600 segment assembled bridge girder launcher

The bridge girder launcher is designed according to the newest standards and rules in China which are following:
 《Crane Design Standard》(GB/T 3811)
 《The technical condition for Beijing-Shanghai passenger dedicated line 》
 《General Gantry Crane》(GB/T14406)
 《Code for Design of Steel Structures》(GB 50017)
 《Code for Construction and Acceptance of Steel Structure》(GB 50205)
 《The key Purpose of Steel Wire Rope》(GB 8918)
 《The code of construction and acceptance for Electric equipment installation engineering》( GB50256)
 《General Technical Conditions of Hydraulic System》 (GB 3766)
 《Safety technical specification for construction of Railway Engineering(Volume one) 》(TB10401.1)
 《Mechanical Properties of Fasteners Bolts, Screws and Studs》(GB 3098.1)

5. The video of HZP1600 segment assembled bridge girder launcher

6. Main design requirements of HZP1600 segment assembled bridge girder launcher

 Lifting height: 56m
 the lifting tools of trolley: 360°
 Adaptive longitudinal slope: 2%, transverse slope: 2%
 adaptive curve radius R≥5500m;
 The max. hanging weight 1554t(13 segments),1553t(14 segments);
 The safety factor of lifting wire rope: n≥6
 The elevating stress safety factor of suspender: n≥6
 Calculation of structural strength safety factor: n≥1.5
 Transmission parts safety factor: n≥1.5
 Resistance overturning safety factor: n≥1.5
 Electrical apparatus and circuitry insulated grade are carried out according to the standards of Ministry of Construction and electrical apparatus insulated grade. Defense grade: electric machine filed IP54, other electrical apparatus ≥IP65.
 Crane using grade: U0
 Crane using state :Q3
 Crane working grade:A3
 Mechanism working grade of crane:M4
 Low deflection of main girder: S/750;the deflection of cantilever girder: L/400