9. Tracing data and leaving factory data of Bridge Launching Crane

The tracing data of product is made up of contract, review file, drawing , calculation book of design, specification, installation project, raw material quality certificate, product quality inspection record, welding inspection report and purchased certificate.
leaving factory data is made up specification, installation project, certificate and receiving report etc.

10. The installation method and steps of Bridge Launching Crane

According to the weight of parts, choosing the lifting machine, and installing steps are following:
the frame of legs are assembled on the ground.
double main girders are assembled on the ground.
the legs are lifted and installed.
the first layer of main girder is lifted and installed.
the second layer of main girder is lifted and installed.
lifting trolley and frame are lifted and installed.
pulley of trolley, winch and lifting tools are lifted and installed.
front and rear guiding girder , front and rear auxiliary legs are lifted and installed.
electrical system and hydraulic system are lifted and installed etc.
other parts are installed.

11. Checking methods after installation of Bridge Launching Crane

After the assembly of components of bridge girder launcher is finished, the workers should do the following tests acceding to geometry size、verticality、horizontality and deflection etc.
the span deviation of wheel : L<5mm
the camber of main girder: AF=(0.9/1000~1.4/1000)S
diagonal deviation of main girder (D1-D2)≤5mm
side curvature of main girder: AFP≤S/2000
gauge deviation of trolley: end of span±2mm, middle of span K≤7mm;the deviation of rail joints of trolley shouldn’t exceed 1mm; the lateral dislocation shouldn’t exceed 1mm.
the connection of high-strength bolt should base on the standards JGJ82-91---《The design and acceptance specification of high strength bolt connection of steel structures》