4. The design basis of THQ900t bridge girder launcher for tunnels

The product design is in accordance with relevant provisions of new national codes and standards, it mainly has:
《crane design specifications》(GB/T 3811)
《construction equipment research technical conditions for Beijing-Shanghai passenger special line》
《general purpose gantry cranes》(GB/T14406)
《steel structure design codes》(GB 50017)
《steel structure construction and acceptance specifications》(GB 50205)
《wire rope with important purpose》(GB 8918)
《electrical device installation project construction and acceptance specifications》 (GB50256)
《hydraulic system general technical specification》(GB 3766)
《railway engineering construction safety technical procedures(Book One)》(TB10401.1)
《bolts, boults and double-screw bolts with fasteners mechanical character》(GB 3098.1)

5. The video of THQ900t bridge girder launcher for tunnels

6. Main design requirements of THQ900t bridge girder launcher for tunnels

Lifting steel wire rope safety factor: n≥6
Boom stretch stress safety factor: n≥6
Structural strength calculation safety factor: n≥1.5
Institutions transmission parts safety factor: n≥1.5
Factor of safety against overturning n≥1.5
Electrical equipment and wiring insulation class should be in accordance with that insulation class of construction ministry and related electrical equipment, protection level should  reach: electrical machinery IP54, other electrical equipment IP65 or above.
Crane utilization grade: U0
Crane utilization condition: Q3
Crane working level: A3
Crane institutions working level: M4
Bottom deflection of main girder: S/700