7. Main mechanical manufacturing technology of Beam Launcher

There are many mechanical manufacturing (machinery-building) technologies; the rules of management are following:    
Firstly, the technology department reviews the drawing from manufacturability.    
Drawing up the technology guide book and making  procedure qualification.   
Making welding procedure card, mechanical manufacturing card, assembly process, camber drawing of box girder according to drawing , rules and criterion ; emphasizing the size of welding angle, geometry size and requirements of assembly etc.
Designing the assembly technology clamp according to the requirements of drawing.     
Making the finishing time of manufacture and patrolling card  according to the requirements of drawing; controlling the quality of manufacture strictly.

8. The quality control in Beam Launcher manufacturing process

Technology file drawing and project are handed to production department which assorts with related department and quality department to process, manufacture, control, check and accept of product.       
The workshops do the following work according to drawing:
blanking splicing(technology and requirements of blanking splicing)
assembling welding(welding procedure card, welding technology qualification and welding record)
mechanical manufacture(mechanical manufacturing card)
finishing time of manufacture and patrolling card
Assembly(assembly technology)
checking descriptive chart(controlling the geometry size and key part).

9. The drawing of Beam Launcher

Click to download the drawing of Beam Launcher