ZZHZ HZQ Series Honeycomb Girder Launching Gantry

ZZHZ HZQ Series Honeycomb Girder Launching Gantry
To meet the bridge building requirements inland and overseas, ZZHZ brand HZQ series honeycomb girder launching gantry is one of our mature and patent products, which is widely used in highway and railway bridge building projects. Its advantages and merits are as following:
1. ZZHZ HZQ series special honeycomb girder structural design is in small deflection and large rigidity.
2. Side load bearing can be used to erect side beam, which is safe and reliable.
3. After a little change on front and back outriggers, anti-direction bridge building can be accomplished.
4. The random error for erection is less than 5mm.
5. Special pin connection can promise fast and firm installation.
6. HZQ series launching gantry adopts A-shaped cross section continuous beam, which is safe, convenient and reliable because its low gravity.

Now we take ZZHZ HZQ 50/160 bridge girder launcher as an example. Below are its main technical parameters:

Type: HZQ50/160B
Rated Erection Span: 50m
Rated Lifting Capacity: 160t
Applicable Gradient: Longitudinal Slope ≤5%
                               Traverse Slope ≤1%
Cross Angle of Skew Bridge: ≤45°
Radius of Curved Bridge: ≥350m
Speed of Crane Moving System: 2.75m/min
Trolley Moving System: 4.5m/min
Lifting Speed: 1m/min
Safety factor: 1.25
Random Error for Erection: ≤5mm
Allowable Wind in Working Condition: 6
Total Power: 93KW
Total Weight: 180t
Track Gauge of Crane Moving System: 5.0m-5.6m


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