Ask and Answer about Hoisting Machinery <1>

Ask and Answer about Hoisting Machinery

1. A: Is it necessary for signalmen to be employed with certification?
    B: Yes.
2. A: Is it allowed for people to stand on the objects to be lifted?
    B: No.
3. A: Which is the limit wind for gantry crane?
    B: Six.
4. A: What instruments will be used to command the hoisting machinery?
    B: Whistle, flag signal and interphone.
5. A: Who is responsible for examine slings and gears for lifting loads?
    B: Signalmen.
6. A: Is it allowed for signalmen to help the operators to link up loads with hooks?
    B: No.
7. A: Who will be the commander when signalman and hook operator work together?
    B: Signalman.
8. A: Is it allowed to add and weld a hook on big hook?
    B: No, it is prohibit.
9. A: Should there were crack on snap ring, is it eligible to be used still after welded again?
    B: No.
10. A: What device will be used to be regarded as mousing-hook?
      B: Safety device.
11. A: What kind of special operation does signalmen work for?
      B: Hoisting machinery.
12. A: Does the snap ring have load-carrying capability in side direction?
      B: No, it is not allowed.
13. A: Is it condemned if wear degree of the fracture surface has reached 10% of the whole size?
      B: Yes.
14. A: As to load to be lifted, is it allowed to pass over the top of any person?
      B: No.
15. A: Is any other people to be allowed to get into the operation area?
      B: No.
16. A: Are scatterings or small components able to be lifted after being strapped?
      B: No, they had better loaded in one container, then to be lifted.
17. A: Is it forbidden to applied machinery draw cord when the operators are lifting vulnerable objects?
      B: Yes.
18. A: Is it allowed for signalmen to guide hanging the hook with the object to be lifted if there is not enough hookers?
      B: No. Signalmen should pay all the attention to their own responsibility.
19. A: How to choose and decide the binding point with steel wire ropes during the lifting operation?
      B: The operators should find the gravity center of the objected to be lifted then begin to bind it.
20. A: Is anyone is forbidden to hang out or walk around under the lifted objects in the air?
      B: Yes.
21. A: Is it able to rotate arm level when the tower crane is under jacking?
      B: No.
22. A: Is it necessary for gantry crane operators to follow the danger signals from anyone?
      B: Yes.
23. A: Is it necessary to wear safety bell when the operators are examine or repair the hoisting machinery aloft?
      B: Yes.
24. A: Is it allowable to use different gears such as steel wire ropes and chains?
      B: No.
25. A: Is enough light necessary when the operators are lifting objects during night?
      B: Yes.

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