Maintenance Service for JS Series Concrete Mixer
Maintenance Service for JS Series Concrete Mixer

Below is maintenance service for JS series concrete mixer:

1. Before use, below items should be checked for every shift.
Check whether the mixer body is kept in stable, whether there is enough water-supply for pump, whether the pipeline is unrestricted.

2. After being used, below items should be examined for every shift.
Clean and wash the dust of the inside and outside of the mixing drum, the unloading door and the hopper. Nothing is allowed inside the hopper. Cut off the power supply, lock the electric control box and refuel grease to each lubrication part. Water is not allowed in water-supply system.

3. Check and Maintenance Items for each week.
a. Check steel wire ropes. When the steel wire ropes are in abrasive for a certain extent, they should be instead with new ones.
b. Check the level of oil box.
c. Check whether the rocker arm of travel switch is in loose. If it is indeed the case, necessary adjustments are necessary.
d. Check the vanes. Check whether the attachment bolts of supporting arm is in loose. Adjust the interval between vane and drum wall and promise the max interval is 5mm (for JS500 concrete mixer plant), then fix it in time. If sealing components are broken, please repair and change them in time.

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