Functions of information management system for beam launcher:


1.       functions of testing, displaying and recording running status of beam launcher, including data like overhead trolley longitudinal moving distance, height, overhead trolley lateral moving distance, weight, wind velocity, levelness, perpendicularity of support legs, the complete machine longitudinal and lateral moving journey, the data could be recorded in local monitor (more than 45 days), and stored in the remote server to meet the demand on accidents analysis of beam launcher;

2.       the function of monitoring inclining of beam launcher, analyze the safety condition of beam launcher by measuring longitudinal inclining and inclining angle of stand column, send alarming signals as inclining of beam launcher is in critical state;

3.       the function of monitoring wind velocity in the real time reminds driver to operate the beam launcher safely;

4.       the function of long distance monitoring on safety state of beam launcher at real time, which could meet the demand on remote management.