Main Features and Technical Parameters of ZZHZ 180t Tyre Gantry Crane

ZZHZ 180t tyre gantry crane

A. Applicable Scope of ZZHZ 180t Tyre Gantry Crane:
1. ZZHZ 180t tyre gantry crane can lift, carry and transfer all kinds of 18m-35m span precast girder in longitudinal and horizontal direction.  Lifting trolley can change the spans automatically.
2. 180t tyre gantry crane can finish the work to lift concrete precast girder to girder carrying vehicle in loading area.
3. With A type single girder outrigger structure, the bottom width of outrigger can meet the requirement to go back and forth in longitudinal direction.
4. The 180t gantry crane has an auxiliary function to realize the assembly of launching gantry and girder transporter and it can also lift metal framework and template.

B. Working Environment:
Operating altitude: ≤2000m
Working temperature: -35 ℃ ~ + 45 ℃
Relative humidity: ≤60%
Wind speed at work: ≤20m / s
Non-operating wind speed: 20 ~ 33m / s
Adaptation slope: ≤2.0%
Adaptation road: concrete pavement, compact stone pavement

C. Design specifications:
Use rating: U5
Load state: Q2
Overall working group: A4
Mechanism working group: M4
Safety factor of hoisting rope: n≥6
Safety factor of boom tensile stress: n≥5
Safety factor of structural strength: n≥1.5
Safety factor of mechanism transmission components: n≥1.5
Safety factor against overturning: n≥1.5

D. Technical Parameter:
Tire type, self-powered, hydraulic driving, ZZHZ 180t tyre gantry crane can travel in both horizontal and longitudinal direction. During the traveling, the tyre gantry crane has the ability to adjust direction and steer in its original position with full load.
Lifting capacity: 180t
Lifting speed without load: 0 ~ 2.0m / mim
Lifting speed with full load: 0 ~ 1.0m / min
Lifting height:  15m (from the top of the lifted beam to ground)
Span: 40 / 37.4 (span can be adjusted)
Net span: 38.2 / 35.6 (span can be adjusted)
Traveling speed with full load: 0 ~ 17m / min
Traveling speed with empty load: 0 ~ 24m / min
Micro traveling speed: 0-3m / min
Grade ability with full load: ≤ 2%
Steering angle: 90 ° (± 5 °)
Steering modes: 90 ° pivot turn, straight, oblique and small-angle steering, brake steering for parking, etc.
Wheel base of traveling wheel: 3 m
Interval of traveling wheel: 1.2m
Adaptation road: concrete pavement, compact stone pavement
Number of tires: 16
Tire Size: 23.5R25
Rim Size: 25-22.00 / 3.0
Tire inflation pressure: 850 KPa
Ground pressure: ≤0.65Mpa
Max load for single tire with full load: 24t (Ground pressure is 0.65Mpa)
Number of suspension cylinders: 8
Compensation stroke of suspension cylinder: ± 350mm
Drive axle / driven axle: 2/6
Axle load: 48t
Number of prop cylinder: 4
Ground pressure of prop cylinder: 100t
Ground pressure cylinders branch item: ≤1.5MPa
Dimensions (L × W × H): 41500mm × 14500mm × 15600mm
Max component dimension (length × width × height): 12084mm × 810mm × 2140mm
Max component weight: 7t
Total Weight: 190t
Total power: 90KW

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