Introduction about ZZHZ Concrete Spraying System


1. Concrete spraying system developed by ZZHZ is suitable for concrete spraying jobs for full-face tunnel and step construction method, road slope supporting concrete jet operations, large underground cavern concrete jet operations, excavation concrete jet operations. Our concrete spraying system can quickly finish spray operations. Its maximum injection capacity is 30m3 / h and full section spray area in the tunnel is 600m2.

2. Work Environment:
Ambient temperature: -10 ℃ ~ + 40 ℃
Field Altitude: not less than 3000 m
It is widely used in dusty and humid tunnel.

3. Main technical parameters and configuration devices
Overall dimensions (mm): 8040x2400x3310 (length X width X height)
Total Weight: 19t

4. Features of ZZHZ Concrete Spraying System:

Concrete Spraying System
Max Pumping Capacity (m3/h) 30
Max Pumping Pressure (MPa) 7.5
Inner Diameter of Hydraulic Cylinder (mm) 110
Outer Diameter of Piston Rod (mm) 80
Output Pressure of Hydraulic System   75
Inner Diameter of Concrete Cylinder (mm) 180
Stroke (mm) 1000
Concrete Output of Every Stroke 100%
Technical Advantages Features: Pump-control closed hydraulic loop can bring flow compensation.
Spray arm
Type All the action of spray arm is driven by hydraulic cylinder and hydraulic motor, no any mechanical drive.
Max Spray Height (m) 17.6
Max Spray Width (m) 30.0
Front Fastest Spray Distance (m) 15.0
Method Electric screw
Adaptability to Tunnel Construction Environment High
Requirement for Maintance Low

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