ZZHZ Guide on How to Select a Proper Overhead Crane


In order to maximize your investment and ease the buying process, ZZHZ.com has posted an overhead crane guide for helping you select a right crane kit. If you need any assistance, please feel free to contact ZZHZ at 86-371-68000000. Anyone from ZZHZ will be very glad to answer your any question. The owner who want to buy a proper crane must select a qualified crane manufacture.

Below are factors to be considered in proper overhead crane selection:

1. Single or double girder

In fact, a girder we said is a beam that spans the end trucks to form the bridge of the crane. In general, a double girder is occasionally used to gain additional headroom, whose capacity is over 20t, the owner usually use it to avoid loss of lifting height to handle the heavier loads. For top running systems capacity less than 20t, it is sensible to use a single girder design. Therefore, single girder and double girder design are used in different situations. We need to choose the suitable one according to actual working condition.

2. Material lifting

Identify what type of material you will handle with the bridge crane is the first factor to consider and determining whether you are lifting a solid piece of steel or hot liquid, or if you will pick a variety of other load materials will help your crane manufacture provide an ideal solution to realize a minimize cost and maximize productivity according to your needs.

3. Load capacity

In order to make sure whether you are safely handle your loads, it is necessary for the owner to evaluate how much you will lift or pick up with your crane. You really need to take it into consideration then we will help you select the most suitable hook and sling devices for lifting goods.

4. Control Speed

Higher speed means higher cost than lower speed. However, you need to make sure a slow crane is not a bottle neck in your production line. Sometimes you may need two speed controls, it will cost more, but it will be faster, easier and safer to handle the lifting process.  

5. Electric, Air or Manual Power

It is important to determine your power source. In recent years, air powered pneumatic system has been popular solution in industry field. Manual powered cranes are very cost effective, but they are limited in certain small loading capacities. 3-phase electrical is always chosen for overhead crane systems because it is also an effective cost option. Single phase system can be used to lift goods up to 2 tons.

6. Service Rating

Service rating, also named frequency use of a crane, which means how many pick per day at a certain capacity percentage. It always ranges from A to Z.

7. Impact on Production

To choose a most suitable overhead crane is important because overhead crane may be a large investment for most companies. You need to consider how to place it in your work shop and factory. It is necessary to work with your crane builder to workout a plant layout in advance before install it. A proper overhead crane is worthwhile to invest because it will bring the best return for your production.

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