ZZHZ Introduction about QD Overhead Crane

     QD means double girder, therefore the whole QD overhead  crane is made up of two end girders, two main girders,trolley and crane assembly.

1.  After the QD overhead crane is carried to construction site, install the bridge frame at first, then main girder. After end girder are connected together,  install the handrail and accessories.

2.  After the bridge frame is installed completely, and then install the whole machine.

3.  The trolley is installed on the bridge frame.

4.  Install the electrical appliance.

5.  Reducer system of the QD overhead crane consists of motor, brake and speed reducer. End girder 1 adopt wheels without flange1 and horizontal guiding wheel; End girder 2 adopts wheels without double edges.

6.  Trolley adopts reducer which is consist of motor, brake and speed reducer. And trolley adopts wheels with double edges.

7.  The whole overhead crane machine adopts frequency speed control with PLC control.

8.  The QD double girder crane adopts remote control operating.

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