Expressive Methods of ZZHZ Gantry Crane  

Expressive Methods of ZZHZ Gantry Crane
In general, there are four aspects representing ZZHZ types of gantry cranes, which are code, rated capacity, span and height. What are the detail expressive methods? It will be described in this article.

The letter “M”, meaning generic term of gate-type gantry cranes. Common used marks are as following: MGHZ、MDEHZ、MGX、MGH、MH、MUHZ、MDG、MEHZ.

MDEHZ-honeycomb girder single girder double trolley gantry crane

MGX-box girder double girder single trolley gantry crane

MDE-box girder double trolley single girder gantry crane

MEHZ-honeycomb girder double trolley double girder gantry crane

MH-electric single girder gantry crane

MGH-truss girder gantry crane

MUHZ-box girder upper and lower trolley ship building gantry crane

MDG-box girder single girder L-type single trolley gantry crane

Besides, there are other types of gantry cranes to meet the demands of our customers. Welcome to inquiry!

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