Gantry Crane: Installation and Acceptance Standard of Trolley Conductor

Gantry Crane: Installation and Acceptance Standard of Trolley Conductor
After finish installation of trolley conductor, gantry crane operators should check whether it is up to the relevant standard. Detail installation and acceptance standard is as following:

1. The support should be taken antiseptic treatment, continuous welding, firm installation, consistent mounting-hole site.

2. As to set spacing, the operators should remember below specific data. Less than 300A single track with H type, the support distance is no more than 1.5m. More than 400A, it is no more than 3m. Multi-tracks seamless trolley conductor, the distance ranges from 1.0m to 1.5m. Conduct type, the distance ranges from 1.0m to 1.5m. Cable drum type, distance ranges from 1.0m to 2.0m. Arc segment, distance between two supports should less than 1.0m.

3. The hanging location should be correct and in firm installation and sufficient amount.

4. Slide wire. The interval between protective envelope and conduct is less than 2mm.

5. The amount of expansion pieces should be up to specification. The distance between intervals must meet the stroke in theory arising from biggest temperature differences on installation site.

6. Square steel holder of current collector must be in firm welding, the vertical allowed franchise between central line and trolley conductor is ±3mm. The side of square steel holder and current collector should promise that activity arm of current conductor and the main body of trolley conductor is parallel, which has the biggest allowed franchise is ±3mm.

7. Fastener: the torque of fasten nut must meet the recommend figure from supplier.

8. Inlet wire of power supply must be in firm and it is not allowed to bear tension force.

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