The Common Knowledge Crane Operators Need to Master(Ⅱ)

6.The rope not tight enough
As for the unpacking of large loads, the ropes around the roller of the hoist or the crane, causing that the rope shakes violently, which throws the work into a dilemma. That is to say, if you go on the work, there may exist danger. But in the same time you cannot stop the work.
7.The improper choice of the lifting tools or points
Due to lacking the theoretical calculation, the lifting tools or the lifting points of the loads are not reasonable. One side is not stable and finally it results in the overall collapse. 
8.The improper choice of the pulley and ropes
Due to lacking the reasonable knowledge of the stress changes of the puller or ropes, when the lifting tools are chose, the tonnage of them are too small.
9.Taking the hemp rope as the safe rope
The stress bearing capacity of the hemp rope cannot compare with the steel rope. In addition, in the daily care or use of the hemp rope, it is easy to be damaged. Therefore, it the hemp rope is used as the safe rope, the safety cannot be ensured.
10.The warning area not set
The dangerous places under the large loads or the aerial work, are not underlined, causing that people go to the dangerous places without knowing the danger and the accidents happen.