The Common Knowledge Crane Operators Need to Master(Ⅰ)

1.The safe position of the operator
In the process of lifting loads, it is very dangerous for operators to stay under the hanger rod, lifting loads, before the lifting loads or around the lifting rope. Once the accidents happened, it is very difficult to keep away from them. Therefore, the position of the operators is very significant. The operators should help each other to remember the importance of the position.
2.The safe factors of the lifting appliance
In the process of lifting loads, the staff fails to have a reasonable knowledge of safe factors of the lifting appliance to cause that the lifting work is always in danger.
3.The foresight of various factors
For example, the estimate of loads’ weight and the completeness of cutting are not inspected. Also, the connecting parts are not checked but put into use.
4.The avoidance of operating failure
The lifting work is different from lots of construction. It involves many aspects. For instance, it often uses cranes of different types from different units. The factors like daily habits, performance and different commanding signals, may easily cause the operating failures. Hence, we must very cautious.
5. The firm binding of the lifting loads
The performance of lifting and loosening loads should take the measures of “locking”
rather than “packing”. As for the pointed loads, they should be lifted with the operation of padding.