Knowledge about the Crane

1.The gantry crane can be divided into two categories, namely the lifting equipment of small size and light weight and the crane.
2.The bridge erecting crane consists of bridge crane and gantry crane.
3.The bridge crane is composed of mechanical parts, metal structure and electricity.
4.The electricity of the bridge crane consists of electrical motor as well as the control circuit apparatus.

5.The safe devices of the lifting mechanism should include the limiter of reeling, hoisting and overloading as well as the rope guide.
6.The jib type crane covers the mobile crane, tower crane and gantry crane.
7. The mobile crane refers to the general name of the car type, tire type and walking type crane.
8.The lifting performance curve refers to the curve of the crane operation, consisting of the curve of lifting capacity and the lifting height.
9.The mobile crane includes types of mechanical and hydraulic ones.
10. The hydraulic system of the hydraulic crane consists of oil pump, motor, cylinder and so on.

11.The range refers to the horizontal distance between the horizontal field, central line of reversing and the longitudinal central line of the sling.
12.The swinging speed refers to the speed of the direction turning speed of the swinging parts in the stable state.