Installation Steps of the Gantry Crane

1.Track Requirements
 1.1The distance between the two legs in the track center is 35000±10mm.
1.2The longitudinal gradient designed for the position of the track’s top shall not exceed 3/1000; every 2m it slants a little with the height difference of the whole stroke no more than 10mm.
1.3The elevation relative difference of two parallel tracks within the same cross-section shall not exceed 10mm.
1.4When the joint uses fish plates for connection,the height difference of rail joints and lateral dislocation shall not exceed 1mm and the gap should not exceed 2mm. 
1.5The allowable deviation of distance between two tracks under the same leg is ±2mm.The relative elevation difference shall not exceed 1mm.
1.6In accordance with“Crane Safety Regulations "(GB6067-85) Section, the ground resistance of crane rail, as well as the crane ground resistance of any point shall not exceed 4Ω", which shall confirm to the national standard.
 2.The Technical Requirements of Machine Installation 
 The geometrical dimension, verticality, levelness and deflection of the structural assembly  shall comply with the following technical requirements:
 2.1Deviation of wheels’ span :S<10mm
 2.2Camber of the girder:AF=(0.9/1000~1.4/1000)S
 = 31.5mm~49mm
 2.3Diagonal bias of the girder(D1-D2)≤5mm
 2.4Side camber of the girder:AFP≤S/1200 = 30mm
 2.5Deviation of the trolley gauge: ±2mm in both points and k≤7mm in the middle part.