Safety Precaution of the Gantry Crane(Ⅱ)

1.When the steel strand is installed,the safety zone should be set aside on the ground to avoid heavy objects dropping,causing casualties;  Safety zone should be set aside and no person is allowed to enter the construction site without permission;there should be no obstructions in the main room for beam rising; in the rising process, one certain person should be designated to observe the operating condition of the anchor, secure anchor, strand and wind cable.Inform the control center directly if any abnormal case.
2.Before the construction all the chain hoist, wire rope, cards and other instruments must be carefully checked and recorded, and can be used after qualification.
3.Non-electrical personnel is not allowed to use electricity privately, and the field should be equipped with the standard distribution boxes and tray. To use electricity,an professional electrician should be employed.The distribution of the cable should comply with the relevant standards.
4.When direct and use the crane, the signal must be clear and unified.And when the crane operates, in addition to the operator, other unrelated persons is not allowed to enter the operating room. Roads on the crane traveling area should be strengthened. After the crane stops working, the hook should be firmly fixed on the solid object.
5.The command system like field altitude and ground operation must be unified and the communications must be kept unobstructed.
6.The big objects should be hoisted continually.The hook can be loosed after the firm coupling, without which the workers should not be off work.  
7.Installation personnel of multi-altitude operations should wear a helmet and seat belts.