Motor Noise of Gantry Crane: Top Three Should be Considered
Motor Noise of Gantry Crane: Top Three Should be Considered

If there is some noise on the motor of hoist equipment, it is necessary to seek for the fault reasons. In general, the normal sound is a kind of low-pitched buzz without change. However, rough voice like sisi always signifies a certain failure. We should consider reasons as following:

1. The iron core is not hard up.
Loosen iron core can give rise to the fixed bolt being out of shape and silicon steel sheet may also not being hard up and cause big electromagnetic noise. During operation, the vibration of motor and variation of temperature are the familiar reasons causing loosening iron core.

2. The noise of Rotor.
a. There is a noise of rotary rotor always comes from cooling fan, which sounds like uuuu.
b. In another case, sometimes gantry crane operators may hear dongdong noise, just like one playing a drum. If the motor is under a sudden start, stop, brake or other variable speed, the iron core of rotor can’t match up with the shaft well. If not serious, it can be used along. Otherwise, it is necessary for the operators to inspect and maintenance the motor by dismounting the electric motor.

3. The noise of bearing.
We should notice the sound of bearing during motor running. One end of screw driver touches the bearing cover, the other end is put near one ear, after that, the operator can hear different sounds inside the crane. Different components and different failures imply different sound. For example, random movement of rolling gun in the bearing can bring about noise like gazhi, which connects with the bearing interval and lubricating oil. And sometimes metal friction noise like sisi originates from the lack of grease on bearing. If confronted with such a case, the operators should open the bearing to add enough lubrication oil.

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