Connection Methods of Metal Structure for Gantry Cranes

Metal structure of gantry cranes are always connected with basic building blocks, such as steel plate and structural steel. These girders, pillars and truss will be installed and connected into a massive structure after transported to factory, bridge construction site, warehouse and quay. Connection methods are very important for the steel structure, which will influence the manufacture, installation, economic indicator and usability of the gantry cranes.
There are kinds of connection methods for steel structure of gantry cranes and the design from Zhengzhou Huazhong Construction Machinery Co., Ltd are in reliable, steel economic, simple structure, convenient installation.
Connection methods of steel structure always adopt welding, bolted connection and pin roll connection. Bolted connection can be divided into plain bolts connection and high-strength bolts connection. Began from the middle period of the 18th century, plain bolted connection is still an important installation method until now. From 19th century, rivet connection was developed and then welding connection. From the middle period of last century, high-strength bolts connection was in blossom.
Welding has been widely adoptive for steel structure connection of gantry cranes so far.
Well-adapted to geometry shape, save steel, not decrease section. It is convenient to process and can realize operate automatically. Welding is in perfect tight connection and good rigid structure.
Welding connection method is in good rigid, which may raise residual stress and strain for the structure and welding joint will have strong sensibility for low temperature.
Good toughness and plasticity, convenient for checking the quality, good anti-dynamic loading capacity, especially suit for heavy-duty structure.
Complex structure, large steel use amount, troublesome construction method and big noise.
3.Plain bolts connection
Convenient handling.
If the bolts are in low precision, it will not be sheared. However, if it in high precision, the process and installation will be difficult.
4.High-strength bolts connection
After high-strength bolts connection, the steel will be in good toughness and plasticity. It is also convenient to check the quality. As for steel structure working in low temperature, high-strength bolts connection will bring reliable connection and be able to dismantle.
5.Pin roll connection
Reliable toughness and plasticity, convenient to check the quality, good anti-dynamic loading capacity and difficult to be loose.
High standard for manufacture and process.
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