Introduction about JS Series Concrete Mixers (II)
JS series concrete mixer  
Notify for Order JS Series Concrete Mixers:

1. As for delivery, the lower pathway, ladder, support leg, guardrail and water absorption tube are in the form of components and other parts are in complete assembly status.
2. JS500 will be transported by a cargo truck with load capacity more than 5 tons. And a crane with lifting capacity over 8 tons will be used.
3. JS750 will be transported by a cargo truck with load capacity more than 8 tons and the lifting capacity of the crane must be more than 12 tons.
4. Safety is the important factor for the delivery period for JS series concrete mixers, detail requirements are as following:
a. Please notice that the center of gravity of the equipments cannot be out of position and the steel wire ropes must exactly hang on the round hook of the bottom plate during lifting.
b. After being folded, upper pathway must be bundled with iron wire. The hopper should be fixed with stop pins.
c. Complete equipment, parts and components must be fastened stable in the carriage and hanged with safety hooks.

Installation Instruction for JS Series Concrete Mixers:

1. Installation site for JS series concrete mixers must be flat and in firm basic. Outermost of the pin should a little higher than the ground so that water can be prevented into the pin.
2. Lift the concrete mixer with hoisting equipment. Install the four support legs. Connect steel iron, inclined strut and ladder stand. Install the upper and lower pathways and put them into the ground pin exactly. During the installation, please keep the equipment rack on the same level surface. It is not allowed for the pathway frame to be displaced. After that, lower lead rail must be under a basic immobilization according to practical site situation.
3. Mating items such as power and water supply, material site, rain-proof measure and transport corridor are also necessary for installing JS series concrete mixers.

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