Introduction about JS Series Concrete Mixers (I)

JS Series Concrete Mixers

1. Type and Application of JS Series Concrete Mixers

JS series concrete mixer is a kind of double horizontal shaft and forced type concrete mixer, which is suitable for various industrial & civil building construction engineering, such as concrete-prefabricated units factory, railway, bridge, water conservancy, port, wharf and so on. It can be used to mix dry-hard concrete, quaking concrete, pasty concrete, light-weight aggregate concrete and all kinds of mortar. Not only JS series concrete mixer can be used exclusively, but also it can be combined with PLD type dosing machine into a simple concrete mixing plant. The advantages of JS type concrete mixer are as following: well-distributed mixing, compact structure, artistic appearance, smooth revolving, easy operation, short cycling time and etc.

2. Structural Introduction and Working Principle of JS Series Concrete Mixers

JS series concrete mixer is designed and manufactured according to GB/T9142-2000 <Concrete Mixer Technical Specification>. Vital functions of the complete equipment are composed of load, mix, unload, water supply and electric. Firstly, feeding funnel can send sand, pebble and cement into main engine. Then, with the rotary of inside mixing arm and vanes, material can be stirred evenly. Finally, the material will be flowed into a tip lorry or a cement tanker.

3. Main Advantages of JS Series Concrete Mixers

a. Added into elements with ferromanganese, ferrochrome and ferrovanadium, agitating vanes and scale board are alloy material. They are in excellent wear-resisting.
b. JS series concrete mixer is in fast stirring speed and high working efficiency.
c. JS series concrete mixer adopts safe hydraulic door-opening for unloading.
d. After integral cast, the spiral stirring arms of JS series concrete mixer are in high strength.

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