Debugging Methods for JS Series Concrete Mixer

Debugging Method for JS Series Concrete Mixer
1. Check whether each reducer or lubrication part of JS series concrete mixer is in good condition.

2. Check power supply: rated voltage is 380V and the deviation ranges at ±10%.

3. Check whether the wire connection of the motor and electrical components is firm. Check whether the shell of distribution box is in good ground connection, which has an electrical resistance less than 4n. Null line must be connected with N wiring board in power distribution box. All the pipelines should be well arranged to prevent from accident during working.

4. Check whether steel wire ropes are lined up on the coiling block in order. If there is something loose, please convolve the steel wire ropes again. Check whether there exist foreign matters inside the mixing drum and hopper, or above the pathway.

5. Start the motor, the rotation direction of two semi-axis should be consistent with the sign on the label. If the direction is wrong, the power-supply wiring must be changed.

6. Start motor to lift the hopper. When the hopper is lifted to the unloading position, it will have an auto-stop and the door of the hopper will open automatically. During the working period of hopper, if the motor is powered off, braking motor will stop the hopper. If the sliding size of hopper is more than 50mm, it means that the braking torque may be a little small, it had better to adjust the mountain hardware of the braking motor to enlarge braking torque.   

7. Start the unloading mechanism. Notice that open and close action for the unloading door should be accurate. Start the pump to provide water. Notice whether the water-supply system working in order.

8. Confirm how much water is in demand according to concrete matching rate. Adjust time relay to the corresponding water-feeding time. Start motor to begin to mix.

9. Close the unloading door, add mixture required into the hopper and lift the hopper. The hopper should keep a stable working situation and can stop freely at any position on the rail. If it has slip phenomenon, it is necessary to put the hopper into the bottom of the pit at first and then adjust the mountain hardware of the braking motor. When the hopper is in right lifting and reliable stop, put batching materials into mixing drum. Then start the pump to supply water to mixing drum.

10. After stirring for 25-35 seconds, start the unloading door to discharge the mixture.

11. For all the above test run period, if there is something wrong, please stop and check immediately to exclude failures. Then second test is needed till everything goes well. After one day used, scale-board, bolts and nuts of the new concrete mixer plant should be checked and fixed, and lubrication parts for drive need to be added grease.

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