Main Structure of HZQ 50/160 Bridge Building Crane <3>
main structure of HZQ50/160 bridge building crane
Traverse Track
Traverse track is divided into front, middle and back parts. The bottom support of front traverse track is welded with box iron and steel plate and there are steel tracks paved on the bottom support. Bottom support of middle traverse track is composed of joist steel or box iron, which there is steel track covered on it and whose front end is used for erection.

Boundary Beam
Suspensions will be applied in the boundary beam erection, which is convenient for the operators to install the boundary beam.

Hydraulic System
1. Hydraulic system includes relative front, middle and back hydraulic stations, multiple directional control valve, oil cylinder and oil line.
2. There is a hydraulic station, a two directional reversing valve, two oil cylinders in φ160. They are flexible device of front outriggers.
3. Hydraulic system of middle outriggers is the same with front outrigger. However, both oil cylinders are connected with flanges and they belong to the jacking mechanism of middle outriggers.
4. In the position of back outrigger there is a hydraulic station, a reversing valve in both direction, two oil cylinders in φ160. The two cylinders are the jacking mechanism of the outriggers.

Electrical System
Electrical system of HZQ honeycomb bridge girder launcher is made of motor and control box. Its installed capacity is 83KW.There are 6 braking motors with power in 3KW for crane moving system and 4 braking motors in 3KW for trolley system and lifting mechanism is installed 4 braking motors in 7.5KW. Two control box are set in the back of main longitudinal beam and lifting trolley. The control box of lifting trolley will command the traveling of trolley motor and control box of main longitudinal beam will control the traveling of crane moving system in longitudinal and traverse direction.

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